Crittall Style Internal Doors – Dublin’s Architectural Statement

Welcome to the premier destination in Dublin for Crittall style internal doors. Our showroom is dedicated to presenting a collection that epitomizes both the classic elegance and modern functionality of these iconic designs.

Discover Elegance with Crittall Style Doors

Our exquisite range of Crittall style doors is tailored to those who appreciate the finesse of thin profiles and the timeless appeal of metal and glass artistry. From the classic charm of hinged partitions to the innovative design of folding and sliding doors, we offer versatile solutions that blend seamlessly with any interior.

Experience Our Showroom in Ballymount

Reaching Termo Express is a breeze:

  • Begin at M50 and venture towards Bóthar Katherine Tynan/R838 in South Dublin.
  • Take exit 10 off M50 towards the R838 to Ballymount.
  • Proceed on Ballymount Rd Upper, and at the roundabout, continue onto Turnpike Rd.
  • Make a left turn just past the roundabout and Termo Express awaits on your left.

Opening Hours: Join us Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

A Fusion of Functionality and Style

Our bespoke range features:

  • Crittal Doors & Windows: Our selections go beyond mere entrances to become standout pieces that elevate your space’s design. Choose from our Crittall windows doors to create cohesive interior aesthetics that harmonize light and space.
  • Crittal Style Internal Doors: Crafted with precision, our internal doors offer sleek lines and durable performance, perfect for the modern Dublin home.
  • Crittle, Krittle, and Crital Doors: No matter the spelling or pronunciation, our showroom features the styles you seek, each promising the distinct industrial flair and robust construction associated with the Crittall legacy.

Partitions Redefined

  • Metal-Glass Partitions: Introduce a transparent yet bold division that enhances both privacy and connectivity in your living spaces.
  • Hinged Partitions: Enjoy the traditional functionality with a modern twist, allowing for easy access and effortless elegance.
  • Folding Partitions: Optimize your space with our folding Crittal doors, offering flexibility to adapt your interiors as needed.
  • Sliding Partitions: Our sliding Crittal doors are the epitome of space-saving sophistication, merging practicality with the art of design.

Step Into a World of Refined Design

Visit our Dublin showroom today and immerse yourself in the world of steel-look elegance. Our expert consultants are here to guide you through our curated collection of Crittall style internal doors, ensuring you find the perfect match for your unique taste and architectural needs.

Crittal Style Internal Doors Showroom Dublin – Where elegance meets innovation.

Whether you spell it Crittal, Crittall, Crital, or Krittle, our Dublin showroom is the definitive destination for all your steel-look door and partition needs — where every variation leads to excellence in design and quality.