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Your home is a reflection of your life!Your home is a reflection of your life!

For over 15 years, our drive to make windows and doors that are different and better has been at the heart of our company. It has led us to pioneer new products, set higher standards for our entire industry and, ultimately, be our customer’s 1’st window and door manufacturer. It’s also why we continue to be welcomed into distinctive and expressive homes, becoming part of the life within them. As the most trusted and most preferred windows and doors company among homeowners, we continue to inspire with products for the way you live, performance for the comfort and security you desire, and design options to achieve your style.

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    What we do?What do we do?

    Selection of the right style of windows and doors for your new project is important to us. Our confident and highly experienced sales team will advise and offer practical solutions on designs, glazing, hardware, etc. often offering an array of options to help you through this process.

    Manufacturing in our factory incorporates computerized cutting technology resulting in accuracy and perfectly mitered joints every time. Fabrication is undertaken by experienced skilled & trained personnel who take pride in their work

    Our services include:

    • We supply joinery for New homes, Renovations, Replacements and commercial projects;
    • A free measure and quote service;
    • A showroom where you can view and operate fully functioning windows and doors;
    • A meeting room where you can discuss various aspects of your project including Colors, Glazing, Hardware, Entry Doors;
    • 5 year Manufacturing Warranty;
    • Installation and glazing teams.

    We Stand Behind Every Product, Giving You Peace Of Mind.

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    Aluminum, uPVC, Wood or Mixed

    The front door is the first architectural element encountered when entering a house. It is the owner’s business card and its personalized design is its signature. The residential doors we manufacture are based on systems certified after years of research, testing and development. These systems have proven to be very versatile and reliable over time, being initially designed for commercial and industrial spaces.

    From here until their transformation into a version providing optimal thermal and sound insulation, there was only one step left. This is how we have achieved one of the most efficient entrance door systems, resistant to heavy traffic, with a minimalist and elegant design, with, at the same time, excellent value for money.

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    Aluminium, uPVC, Wood or Mixte

    It is important to find the right windows for your home, not only for external aesthetic reasons but also for the interior to get enough natural light. At TermoExpress, you will find a window for every type of project, from commercial to residential, from traditional to contemporary. Our windows are both versatile in terms of functionality and design. Each desired type of opening is available: opening inwards and outwards, rotation and inclination, and double leaf.

    Our carpentry is solid, strong, and secure, you can choose from hundreds of colors and finishes, from matte or glossy anodized metal, through wood imitation.

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    Shading Solutions

    Roller shutters and windows go hand in hand like sun and summer. Whether you are looking for a solar protection system, want to save energy or need effective protection against unwanted intrusions, Termo Express roller shutters are intelligent and fully automated systems that reduce energy costs. , offer more comfort and offer increased safety.

    Roller shutters even prevent noise from outside and unwanted insects. They also offer effective protection against the elements. Roller shutters are elegant design elements for facades – at Termo Express you will find a large selection to meet your architectural requirements.

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    Garage doors

    The garage door is an important aesthetic element of your home, even of your facade. At Termo Express, each garage door is entirely made to measure, like the frames and doors. We offer you a garage door that perfectly matches the style and appearance of your home.

    It’s up to you to choose the style: rustic, modern, original, classic, etc. In addition, Termo Express garage doors are available in aluminum, uPVC or wood. You can also choose between a manual or motorized control, or between a door opening inside or outside the facade.

    What types of garage doors do we offer?

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    Quality and Performance You Can Trust

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    For over 15 years TermoExpress Group has developed relationships with high caliber clients, contractors, and construction professionals from around the world. These relationships are strengthened by the quality and effectiveness of our work, which always leads to repeat business and forging long-term working partnerships founded on trust, cooperation, and delivery.


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