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Cortizo Cor 70 with Arch Invisible Tilt and Turn Window

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The Artistry and Architecture of Cortizo Cor 70

The Cortizo Cor 70 is not merely a window; it is a work of art, embodying a seamless integration of art and architecture. Conceived with a vision of contemporary elegance, its slimline design is a bold departure from conventional window designs. The minimalist aesthetics, characterised by sleek lines and understated elegance, complements any modern living space.

The refined sophistication of Cortizo Cor 70 is evident in its thoughtful design, which minimizes sightlines and maximizes glazing surface, paving the way for an extraordinary influx of natural light. The design allows the window to blend effortlessly with the environment, transforming the mere act of looking out the window into a dynamic visual experience.

Invisible Hinges and Handles: A Revolution in Window Design

With the Cortizo Cor 70, the unseen becomes a tangible part of the design. The groundbreaking innovation of hidden hinges and handles changes the rules of window design. These components are cleverly concealed within the elegantly thin frames, ensuring uninterrupted panoramic views. Imagine a window that provides a pure, unobstructed view of the outside world, unfettered by visible hardware.

This unique feature takes the aesthetics of the window to another level. The absence of visible hinges and handles contributes to a clean, uncluttered look, enhancing the overall visual harmony of your space. The invisible components are not just about aesthetics, they are a testament to the advanced engineering and design precision that went into creating the Cortizo Cor 70.


Constructed with a focus on performance, the Cortizo Cor 70 does more than just provide a view. This window is designed to excel in thermal efficiency and acoustic reduction, resulting in a peaceful and comfortable indoor environment. Every aspect of its design, from the choice of materials to the innovative hidden hardware, contributes to these superior performance attributes.

With a U-value as low as 0.8(W/m2K), the Cortizo Cor 70 effectively prevents heat loss, keeping your living spaces warm during the cold months. In addition to thermal performance, this window also excels in acoustic reduction, ensuring tranquillity within your home. The design integrity of Cortizo Cor 70 stands as a testament to the harmony between visual appeal and functional efficacy.

Key Features

  • Invisible hinges and handles that are seamlessly integrated into the frame, maintaining a clean and sleek appearance.
  • Visible sightlines of just 66mm from the outside, allowing for maximum glazing surface.
  • An extraordinary increase in luminosity, illuminating your living space with natural light.
  • High thermal efficiency and superior acoustic reduction, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.
  • A unique gasket at the bottom of the frame for effective water drainage.
  • The ability to take glass weights of up to 160KG.
  • Wide range of customisable finishes.

Additional Specifications

  1. Air permeability (UNE-EN 12207:2000): Class 4
  2. Maximum glazing thickness: 40 mm
  3. Opening possibilities: Open inwards, Side hung, turn & tilt of 1 or 2 sashes, tilt & parallel, bottom hung
  4. Sections: Frame – 70 mm / Sash – 70 mm
  5. Polyamide strip length: 35 mm

Experience the Difference with Cortizo Cor 70

The Cortizo Cor 70 with Arch Invisible Tilt and Turn Window transcends the boundary between inside and outside, creating a harmony in your living space. It’s not just a window; it’s a statement of elegance and superior functionality.


Technical Reference

» Glazing
Max. 40 mm
Min. 26 mm

» Opening possibilities
Inward opening
Side hung
Tilt & turn
Tilt only

» Sightlines
Frame 70 mm
Sash 70 mm

» Profile thickness
Window 1.9 mm

» Polyamide strip length
35 mm

» Maximum sash dimensions

Standard Solution
Width (L) 1,300 mm
Height (H) 2,400 mm

HD Hinges (Side Hung)
Width (L) 1,200 mm
Height (H) 3,500 mm

» Maximum sash weight
160 kg

Consult maximum weight and dimensions according to typologies.

» Finishes
Possibility of dual colour systems
Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating