KÖMMERLING C70 Casement Windows – Modern Design Meets Efficiency

KÖMMERLING C70 Casement Windows – Modern Design Meets Efficiency

Discover KÖMMERLING C70 Casement Windows at TermoExpress Ireland

At TermoExpress Ireland, we’re proud to present the KÖMMERLING C70 Casement Windows, a hallmark of quality in the Irish market. These windows, recognized for their superior design and performance, are an excellent choice for Irish homes and buildings.

Design and Aesthetics – Ideal for Irish Architecture

  • Modern Chamfered System: Exclusively available at TermoExpress Ireland, the C70 window offers a sleek design, perfect for the modern Irish home or apartment.
  • Color Variety for Irish Tastes: Choose from colors like Anthracite Grey and Painswick, ideal for Ireland’s diverse architectural styles.

Performance and Efficiency for Ireland’s Climate

  • Unmatched Energy Efficiency: With a Uw-value of 1.3 W/(m²K), these windows are tailored for the energy-conscious Irish homeowner.
  • Sound Insulation: Ideal for Ireland’s urban and rural settings, offering up to 42 dB sound reduction.

Technological Excellence at TermoExpress Ireland

  • Future-Ready: In Dublin and across Ireland, KÖMMERLING 70 windows from TermoExpress Ireland meet current and future design and functionality standards.

Weather Resistance and Energy Savings in Ireland

  • Superior Insulation: Key in Irish weather, these windows offer excellent heat insulation and security, keeping homes warm and secure.

Distinctive Features for Irish Homes

  • Low Line Gaskets and Weatherseals: Designed for Ireland’s unique weather conditions, ensuring long-term performance.
  • Five-Chambered System: Exceeds the energy efficiency of traditional PVCu windows, a significant benefit for Irish homes.

Colors and Finishes – Reflecting Ireland’s Charm

  • Elegant White and Rich Woodgrains: Whether it’s a traditional Irish cottage or a modern Dublin apartment, there’s a finish to suit every style.

Available Exclusively at TermoExpress Ireland

For more detailed information on the KÖMMERLING C70 Casement Window range, and to see how they can transform your Irish home, contact TermoExpress Ireland.


Available Colours

The following colours and woodgrains form part of our current range and benefit from an upgraded surface.

Key Features of KÖMMERLING C70 Casement Windows at TermoExpress Ireland

  • - Tailored for modern and period Irish homes.
  • - High energy efficiency, ideal for Ireland's climate.
  • - Diverse color options, including popular choices in Ireland.
  • - Excellent sound insulation for urban and rural settings.
  • - Durable and weather-resistant, suited for Irish weather.
  • - Available exclusively at TermoExpress Ireland.