Jansen Art.’15 Slim Steel Profiles for Doors and Interior Walls

Jansen Art.’15 Slim Steel Profiles for Doors and Interior Walls

Slim steel profiles for doors and interior walls, compatible with the ECONOMY 50 system. Request an offer today. Copyright KönigStahl, System Jansen.

TermoExpress Ireland is excited to present Jansen Art.’15 slim steel profiles, offering a versatile solution for doors and interior walls that are compatible with the ECONOMY 50 system. These profiles are designed for creative and individual architectural projects, allowing for the creation of non-system structures to meet individual orders, such as pivot, sliding, and folding doors.

These profiles are particularly well-suited for modern, post-industrial, or loft architectural projects, offering a wide selection of steel and aluminum glazing strips. The system also supports wet glazing using silicone, providing flexibility in design.

Key features of Jansen Art.’15 steel profiles include very thin profiles of door leaves and frames, with a 10 mm box and 15 mm cover. This slim profile design adds a sleek and contemporary aesthetic to architectural projects.


Technical Drawings:

Key Features of Jansen Art.'15 Slim Steel Profiles

  • - Compatibility with ECONOMY 50 System
  • - Ideal for Creative and Individual Architectural Projects
  • - Suitable for Pivot, Sliding, and Folding Doors
  • - Suitable for Modern, Post-Industrial, or Loft Projects
  • - Wide Selection of Steel and Aluminum Glazing Strips
  • - Support for Wet Glazing with Silicone
  • - Very Thin Profiles: 10 mm Box, 15 mm Cover