70 MD PVC Windows

70 MD PVC Windows

Suitable for renovations, 70 MD PVC Windows systems offer quality, reliability and the best burglary protection. The third seal of the window frame, the central bar fixed all around, ensures on the one hand improved thermal insulation values and on the other hand prevents the window frame from being quickly detached by a crowbar. With the best security components in the window sash, 70 MD PVC Windows also offer outstanding sound protection.

>> 70 mm profile width

>> glass thickness up to 41 mm
>> safetec inside safety system (central system)
>> available with numerous decorative foils
>> available with aluminium cladding profiles (large variety of colours)
>> 5-chamber profile
>> possibility of invisible drainage
>> non-planar closing variant, non-planar semi-closing variant

Project Details

>> thermal insulation Uf=1.2 W/m2K
>> sound insulation - 57 db, protection class 5
>> burglary protection class RC3