Bifold sliding window and door systems

Bifold sliding window and door systems

Quality – BiFold aluminium sliding doors and windows are designed to the highest possible quality and offer an exceptional level of thermal performance and functionality. The ultra compact and innovative design is characterised by versatility, with a variety of compositions, up to 14 sashes when opening from the outside or inside. This system supports even and odd configurations. It also allows the bottom hinge to be buried leaving the threshold hidden. In addition, the guide rollers can also be hidden when closed, giving a cleaner and more attractive aesthetic.

» Up to 14 teals: inward and outward opening
» Possibility of an even or odd number of teals

» Option of incorporating the lower frame into the floor

» Maximum glass thickness
45 mm

» Opening possibilities

Up to 14 sheets

Up to 14 sheets

Possibility of 90º corner corner sash without upright

» Sections
Frame – 73 mm / Window frame – 73 mm

» Profile thickness
Door 1,8 mm

» Length of polyamide strip
Frame 20 mm / Hoop 30 mm

» Maximum dimensions / hoop
Width (L) = 1.200 mm
Height (H) = 3.000 mm

» Maximum weight
120 kg

» Finishes
Possibility of double colour systems

Powder coating of colour (RAL, spot and rough)

Project Details

» Heat transfer coefficient
Uw from 1.1 (W/m²K)
» Maximum sound insulation
Rw=39 dB
» Air permeability
(EN 12207) CLASS 3
» Water tightness
(EN 12208) CLASS 7A
» Wind resistance
(EN 12210) CLASS C5