Wood carpentry has been used in the past and is currently used in all types of construction. The beauty and naturalness of wood give the house added value and a pleasant feeling. Thermal and sound protection, durability, finishes, and noble appearance highlight the qualities of this material and make it a top-quality product.

The joinery is carried out on the basis of laminated wood profiles which are cut and then assembled with the greatest care. The difference is based on the raw material of the product, namely oak, meranti, and softwood. The oak carpentry offers the best quality. The raw material ensures the stability and durability of windows and better protection against noise and temperature changes. The wood used is pre-treated with a special impregnation that protects against mold and other external factors. Subsequent finishes protect the wood with an elastic and resistant coating on the outside.

The choice of carpentry for wood in Romania over other materials such as uPVC or aluminum has many advantages:

  • Attractive – wood looks wonderful in any space and especially in classically designed homes with massive furnishings. You can choose from several wood species such as spruce, oak, or meranti, which can be colored in a wide variety of colors: wenge, mahogany, walnut, cherry, etc.
  • Respect for the environment – made from natural materials, wooden windows from Romania are automatically more environmentally friendly than any other prefabricated material, not least because wood is an inexhaustible source of raw material. Instead of chopping wood to make your window, another tree is planted. For a minimum of 70 to 100 years, as long as the woodwork holds up, this tree will grow and be the raw material for another window instead of the old one you want to change. Thus, the life cycle is virtually endless.
  • Durable over time – if properly maintained, wooden windows can withstand centuries, giving them nobility, personality and value.
  • Natural Insulator – Wood is an insulating material in its essence, which means that wood windows help maintain heat in the home, which will reduce the energy use required to heat your home.
  • Moisture Resistant – Wood windows do not produce condensation because, like aluminum windows, they last longer. They are less susceptible to kicks or scratches which can be easily repaired without needing to be replaced.