Aluminium sliding doors

Cortizo Cor Vision Plus

        Cortizo Cor Vision Plus – Premium Thermal Barrier  Inline Sliding System with an avant-garde design that allows a very good brightness with a minimum of aluminium section seen. With an elegant design it tries to offer maximum brightness with minimum frame sections, 8% profile of the entire surface.

        It has a central section visible only 25 mm, with open corner at 90º and possibility of incorporating the lower, upper and side frame in the finish.

        This sliding door comes with the possibility of motorised opening for sashes up to 700 kg, and manual opening for up to 400 kg.

        Best for:
  • Large Openings with a width between 5 -17 meters long. Heights up to 4 meters. Slimline, minimalist, ultra-slim doors, floor to celling.
  • Our best performing sliding door, with U-Values from 0.9 (W/m²K).
  • Triple glazed only.


Cortizo Cor Vision Sliding

An avant-garde design of a thermally broken inline sliding system that permits maximum luminosity with the minimum amount of seen aluminium profile section. An elegance in design that looks to cover great light spaces with minimum frame fragments from 8% of total surface. It shows seen centre junction sections of only 20mm, in the lateral junction at 77 mm and the top/bottom junctions at 57 mm.

Best for:
  • Openings with a width between 2-5 meters long. Heights up to 3 meters. Slimline, minimalist, ultra-slim doors, floor to celling.
  • Our best-priced sliding door, with U-Values from 1.3 (W/m²K).
  • Double glazed only.
  • Alternative system MasterLine 8 Pivot Door, for small openings.


Cortizo 4500/4600 Lift and Slide

        Sliding door system with Thermal Barrier and with bevelled or rounded aesthetics for sheets and rods. It has 2 versions: 4500 sliding with lift, which has the possibility of joining the sheets in the corner at 90º without light divider. For the fixed and sheet model, the track in the fixed area remains hidden. 4500 in-line slide (without lifting) which allows the sliding to be made more economically and larger in size. Possibility to use the heel end to end or perimeter.

        It incorporates the new GALANDAJ typology developed to make it possible to fully open the space by completely hiding the sheets in the room of the building wall. This results in an opening area of ​​100%.

        Best for:
  • Large Openings with a width between 3-8 meters long. Heights up to 3 meters.
  • Our best performing lift-and-slide door, with U-Values from 0.9 (W/m²K).
  • Suitable for commercial and residential. Durable and strong.


Cortizo Bifold

Folding system with thermal break specially developed for large doors with the most advanced aesthetics. Its design is characterized by its versatility. It has a wide variety of applications up to 14 leaves in internal and external openings, admitting even and odd configurations. To facilitate accessibility, it allows the lower frame to be recessed, leaving the threshold completely hidden.

In addition, the carriages and bearings remain hidden in the closed position to ensure a more homogeneous visual aesthetic.


Versatile system with a perimeter frame and with the possibility of using end-to-end or perimeter sheets. It has the option of using sheets with rounded or straight aesthetics. For the straight end-to-end version of the sheets, we also have the 4200 GALANDAJ sliding system: designed to be able to achieve an integral opening by the fact that the sheets slide completely inside the wall. This results in an opening area of ​​100%. This GALANDAJ option has a frame with 1 or 2 raceways, allowing to obtain balcony doors of 1, 2, and 4 hidden sheets.


System of windows and sliding doors with straight aesthetics that have a minimalist central node of only 47 mm of section seen.

It allows maximizing the glazing capacity up to 34 mm, thus increasing the thermal and acoustic performance.

Sheets weighing up to 280 kg allow maximum dimensions of 2500 (L) x 3000 (H) mm.


 Sliding window and door system with a straight aesthetic which has a slim interlock of just 35 mm.

It allows having glass thicknesses of up to 36 mm, increasing the thermal and acoustic performance.

Its sashes of up to 240 kg can reach the dimensions of 2200 (W) x 2600 (H) mm.

Reynaers MasterLine 8 Pivot Door

MasterLine 8 aluminium doors offer excellent levels of safety, thermal insulation, and stability. The high-quality door series can reach Passive House-levels of insulation, which makes it ideal for sustainable renovations and new-builds.

Reynaers CP130

Concept Patio® 130 is a highly insulated slide and lift-slide system, which meets the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety.

The system perfectly links up to the CS 77 and Master Line 8 series. CP 130 is available with various opening possibilities and the low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility.

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