We offer you a system that perfectly combines the advantages of aluminum with the nobility and warmth of wood, thus achieving the highest quality and creating a warm interior environment able to integrate optimally with the decor of the House. The system is formed by the external aluminum profiles assembled by polyamide bars of 14.6 and 16 mm which configure a thermal break zone which remarkably improves its thermal insulation, reaching values ​​of window thermal transmission coefficient of 1.1 (W / m²K).
The union of the exterior aluminum frames and the interior wooden moldings is achieved in two ways: by means of an independent fixing with flanges (it allows the substitution of the moldings and the possibility of different wood finish treatments from those supplied. usual) and by means of an assembly with an EPDM gasket. In both cases, this set ensures perfect absorption of different expansions of these materials.

Maximum dimensions (1-leaf oscillating-swing window):
L 1400 x H 2400mm – maximum weight / leaf 100kg.
AEV performance – according to European standards.

Finishes: Exterior aluminum
Color lacquer (RAL, textures, metallic);
Lacquering your wood;
Antibacterial lacquering;

Interior wood: Oak, Sapele, pine, and other options on order (an ecological varnish is used without solvents, transparent and satin);
Interior opening: French, oscillating and sliding, tilt and slide, and bellows.


Aluminum and uPVC united in perfect technique. The AluClip program establishes the link between design and functionality. With the new AluClip system, all your color requirements for your windows will be fulfilled. The exterior aluminum can be dyed in any RAL color. The unique system has all the European certifications.

Large elements, windows running the full height of one level that simulate the curtain wall. Doors up to 2500 mm, including on colored profiles. Glazed elements up to 3500 mm.
Excellent thermal and sound insulation.
Unitary design, coplanarity between frame and opening to the outside.
Approved for floods and avalanches.
Lead-free, 100% recyclable.
3 gaskets-media seal which provides increased thermal and sound comfort.
Possibility of 24 and 48 mm glazing.
Standard / non-standard colors for interior uPVC.

Exterior Color: RAL painted aluminum on choice.
Saint Gobain glazing (Cekal certified), hardware store.
Maco Multi Matic, with micro ventilation, handles.