Custom garage doors

  • Excellent insulation;
  • Burglary protection;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Many styles.

The garage door is an important aesthetic element of your home, even of your facade. At Termo Express, each garage door is entirely made to measure, like the frames and doors. We offer you a garage door that perfectly matches the style and appearance of your home.

You choose the style: rustic, modern, original, classic, etc. In addition, Termo Express garage doors are available in aluminum, uPVC, or wood. You can also choose between a manual or motorized control, or between a door opening inside or outside the facade.

What types of garage doors do we offer?

Sectional doors

A Termo Express sectional door saves space and saves energy. Significant advantages! With a sectional door, you benefit from a maximum free passage height and reduced space requirements under the ceiling.

The sectional door consists of panels linked together by hinges. When the sectional door opens, the panels slide vertically under the garage ceiling. It is therefore less bulky than an overhead door.

For the material of your garage door, you have the choice between PVC, aluminum, or wood. A sectional door is also easy to insulate and therefore reduces energy loss.

Roll-up garage door

Its simplicity is its charm: like a roller shutter, the slats roll up in a closed aluminum box for enhanced protection. This system frees up space under the ceiling as well as side space inside, without any overflow to the outside.

It is the ideal solution for garages on the side of the road or those of small dimensions.

  • Chest and slides in lacquered aluminum.
  • Rigid apron with double-walled aluminum slats injected with insulating foam.
  • Optimal safety: automatic obstacle detection, anti-lift system, stop-fall.
  • Radio motorization as standard, without wiring of the safety edge.
  • Certified up to 4000mm wide.