The front door is the first architectural element encountered when entering a house. It is the owner’s business card and its personalized design is its signature. The residential doors we manufacture are based on systems certified after years of research, testing, and development. These systems have proven to be very versatile and reliable over time, being initially designed for commercial and industrial spaces. From here until their transformation into a version providing optimal thermal and sound insulation, there was only one step left. This is how we have achieved one of the most efficient entrance door systems, resistant to heavy traffic, with a minimalist and elegant design, with, at the same time, excellent value for money.

We are 100% committed to what we do, we make doors with passion, we pay special attention to detail, and take pride in our results. Every day we learn to improve our work, knowing that it is only through exercise and perseverance that we achieve quality, a predominant characteristic that always results from an effort of intelligence and patience.

TermoExpress Trading is a manufacturer of aluminum doors with thermal insulation glazing. We also put at your disposal uPVC and laminated wood joinery, roller shutters, and garage doors, all produced in Romania.

All products are CE certified, their assembly is carried out on modern, fully automated technological lines. We take orders and perform the installation in countries of the European Union where we have Romanian representatives or partners from your country who sell our products.

  • We offer a free consulting service
  • You don’t pay VAT
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Direct delivery to the site
  • We specialize in exporting: we are thoroughly familiar with the quality conditions approved by the EU and therefore we only supply CE-certified products.
  • The profiles used for the realization of the joinery (Rehau, Trocal, Cortizo or Schüco – CSTB certified), the glazing (Saint-Gobain and Guardian – CEKAL certified), or the ironwork (Roto NT, Schüco, Maco or GU) are the same used in large factories in Western Europe and the manufacturing technology is the latest generation.


  • We offer you a varied range of products at a price like in Romania, carefully selected to meet the quality requirements of the EU; thus the products that we market are accompanied by guarantee certificates and they are in accordance with all the approvals requested by the EU: The largest offer in one place: uPVC windows, Aluminum, Wood, Shutters, Garage Doors.
  • We take orders and execute the installation not only on the territory of Romania but also in the countries of the European Union where we have representatives or partners who sell our products.
  • You do not pay VAT: from the start, you have a 24% advantage over other prices on the market. If you acquire as a company or as a natural person registered as subject to VAT in all EU countries we will issue you an invoice without VAT (except Romania where you pay VAT). As a result, you pay less, reducing the costs of your project correctly and legally.
  • We have reduced transport costs thanks to contracts with the most reliable and best-organized transport companies in Romania; the frequency of deliveries with large or smaller volumes gives us the possibility of bundling with other goods in order to optimize costs. All of these factors positively influence the final price you will pay. A very important factor in terms of transport is the insurance of the transported goods. Consequently, the carpentry that we provide is fully insured for the duration of the transport for a sum of up to 100,000 Euros, the risk of suffering damage incurred on the road is thus eliminated.
  • We deliver directly to the job site whenever necessary; we take large orders as well as smaller ones, trying to respond to all requests received within 48 hours; when the order is placed, we will inform you of the execution and delivery time; in exceptional cases, we are able to make deliveries to Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland or Austria within 24-72 hours from the moment of finalizing the execution of the order. In fact, in these cases, the order you placed with us will arrive at the job site in 10-45 days.

Your home is a reflection of your life!Your home is a reflection of your life!

For over 15 years, our drive to make windows and doors that are different and better has been at the heart of our company.  We understand the wishes of the beneficiary and, thus, we manage to translate the idea into every detail of the project.

Any successful project requires good collaboration and communication between the supplier and the beneficiary. It has led us to pioneer new products, set higher standards for our entire industry, and, ultimately, be our customer’s 1'st window and door manufacturer.

As the most trusted and most preferred windows and doors company among constructors and architects, we continue to inspire with our product`s performance, security, and design options.

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