Terms and conditions

www.termoexpress.com is the official website of S.C. Termoexpress Trading S.R.L., headquartered in the county of Cluj, municipality of Floresti, village. Luna de Sus, DN1-E60 Km 488 + 300, registered in the commercial register under no. J12 / 961 / 28.02.2007, CUI RO 21226109, hereinafter referred to as “Termo Express”.
This site has been designed to provide information about them free of charge to all those interested in the Termo Express brand and products. The site is operated and managed by Termo Express.
For campaigns promoted by Termo Express, interested parties are requested to consult their regulations.
Access to this site and its use is only authorized in accordance with the general conditions below, as well as the legal provisions applicable in the field.
If you do not agree to the terms of use of the site, which also involve the processing of personal data by Termo Express, please do not use this site.
The acceptance of the terms and conditions is made once the option “I have read and accepted the terms and conditions” is selected. The fact of selecting it and the validation button indicate that you accept to respect the general conditions of Termo Express which you have read, understood, and accepted in their entirety.

The words referred to below will have the following meanings:
CAMPAIGN – Action aimed at exhibiting for commercial purposes a finite number of products with limited and predefined stock for a limited period defined by Termo Express.
CLIENT – any natural person over the age of 18 or a legal person accessing the site www.termoexpress.com by accepting these terms of use.
ORDER – represents the buyer’s intention to purchase products from the site submitted to the seller through email/phone.
BUYER – The customer who places an order.
PURCHASE HISTORY – represents all data stored in relation to previous purchases based on tax invoices (e.g. value of purchases, products, store / online ID, store address, date, time, etc.)
NEWSLETTER – a periodic information medium used exclusively electronically by the Seller to provide details about the Products and/or promotions carried out during a given period.
PRODUCT PAGE – a page dedicated to the product sold on the site, which displays detailed information about it. The information is accompanied by the product image and may indicate the name and type of the product, the selling price, the contents of the package, suggestions for use, etc.
PRODUCT – any item displayed on the site which is available and must be delivered to the buyer when ordering. In the Site area, the products are grouped by category and can be viewed in detail on the product page, which displays the individual characteristics of the selected product. The availability and restrictions applicable to products ordered on the site will be displayed individually for each product in accordance with the applicable product policy.
SITE – the domain www.termoexpress.com and its sub-domains.
TERMO EXPRESS – S.C. Termoexpress Trading S.R.L., with registered office in the county of Cluj, municipality of Floresti, village Luna de Sus, DN1-E60 Km 488 + 300, registered in the commercial register under no. J12 / 961 / 28.02.2007, CUI RO 21226109.

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