SELF-CLEANING Antimicrobial Hardware for a Healthy Life.

With each and every interaction throughout the day, the products we use can be exposed to microbes. Stop microbes growth at the door with PureHandle® antimicrobial handles, keeping your door 99.99% cleaner than unprotected hardware.

Our Antimicrobial Technology is based on globally trusted Silver Ion Additives that inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

99.9{b1134794dcef99d4cb227feb3a55ce413dd3a43e2c8718f4e2a1481962363833} CLEANER THAN UNPROTECTED SURFACES

PureHandle® treatment reduces the growth of bacteria on the product surface by at least 99.9 percent within 24 hours. It restricts the metabolism and reproducibility of viruses and bacteria so that the microorganisms die off. Due to the multiple mechanisms of action, the development of resistance to the treatment used is virtually excluded. On the contrary, its effectiveness against multiresistant microorganisms, for example, MRSA and MRSE, has been verified by independent test institutes.


Microbes, such as harmful bacteria, can be found on the surface of products used throughout the home. PureHandle® door hardware featuring antimicrobial technology has an added layer of protection against the growth of viruses, bacteria, and various microorganisms to protect the hardware. The antimicrobial coating is incorporated into the finish during the manufacturing process and will not wash off or wear away. The antimicrobial finish lasts for the lifetime of the hardware finish.

Antimicrobial Technology describes the collective knowledge, expertise, and methods of using additives to create products that are permanently protected against microbes. Antimicrobial: adjective | an·ti·mi·cro·bi·al / an-ti-mī-ˈkrō-bē-əl – Destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms. For PureHandle®, antimicrobial technology can be defined as a substance that works to inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew. Unlike disinfectants which provide a limited residual activity once the treated surface dries, integrated antimicrobial technology works to continuously minimize the presence of microbes throughout the entire lifecycle of a product.

Introduced during the manufacturing process, our antimicrobial additives exert, by either chemical or mechanical means, a negative effect on any contaminating microbes causing them to die. Products protected by antimicrobial technology will negatively affect bacteria that contaminate the surface through:

Protein damage: Proteins are essential for the biological systems of life. Any damage to these components causes the failure of essential functions such as energy production.

Cell membrane damage: By disrupting the microbe’s membrane, its structural integrity is compromised, which can cause essential nutrients to leak out and catastrophic structural failure.

Oxidative damage: Antimicrobials can cause increased levels of reactive oxygen species, which result in damage to the internal systems of the microbe.

Our Antibacterial Technology is based on globally trusted Silver Ion Additives. Once manufactured into a surface, PureHandle® Antibacterial Technology will offer lasting protection from bacteria, including superbugs such as MRSA and E.coli. Our proven Anti-mould Technology will minimize the growth of all types of mold and is safe for use in plastics, paints, coatings, fabrics, and many other material types to reduce the risk of unsightly and potentially harmful growths. PureHandle® Antiviral Technology makes a product effective against viruses, such as the prevalent H1N1 influenza virus. Like all of PureHandle’s Antimicrobial products, it is perfect for use in hygiene-conscious environments such as hospitals, schools, and care homes.

PureHandle® treatment is highly effective due to the fast action of its antimicrobial properties. Hardware with this surface is thus especially suitable for use in medical and nursing facilities, e.g. in hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, care homes, nurseries, schools, institutes, or public buildings.

Tested Efficacy

The problem:

Every year some 5.400.000 to 26.000.000 people pick up an infection in association with medical treatment as an in-or outpatient. It is estimated that they prove fatal in 537.500 – 1.500.000 cases each year. Twenty to thirty percent of such nosocomial infections and deaths could have been prevented through closer adherence to the standard principles of hygiene and infection control. The situation is compounded by the fact that many hospital-acquired infections are caused by pathogens that are drug-resistant, so making them difficult to treat.

The solution: Self-cleaning surfaces

PureHandle® door and window handles:

• immediately combat germs;
• have a preventative effect;
• are wear-free on a long-term basis;

PureHandle® surfaces contain silver ions. They form an active part of this material and prevent the growth of germs such as bacteria, algae, and fungi. The silver ions destroy the cell membrane of the germ. This stops respiration and nutrition of the cells, so preventing cell division. Independent tests have proved that PureHandle® reduces microbial growth by more than 99%. The PureHandle® surface remains effective even when cleaned at regular intervals.